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(PARODY) “Long Time, No Seat” (Crispy Business Pt 2) - Got 2B Real - Episode 6 - Season 2 (by LaBelleOfTheBall2)

I laugh till I’m sick every time. Watch and fall out. (language warning use earbuds)


What *really* was said between Erykah Badu and her sister, Nayrok during the concept of The Flaming Lips’ ‘The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face’ NSFW video:

Erykah: Hey Nay?

Nayrok: Yeah E.

Erykah: Hey you know I got this new joint with the Flaming Lips coming
out right?

Nayrok: Yeah.

Erykah: Well, how’d you like to be in the video?

Nayrok: Yeah I’m up for it, you need me to sing backup?

Erykah: NNNnnnnnnnope.

Nayrok: Dance?

Erykah: Uh no.

Nayrok: What then?

Erykah: Well you know I almost caught a case for that window seat video right?

Nayrok: Yeah.

Erykah: Well, I can’t risk that again. So the concept is for me to be
nekkid in the bathtub….

Nayrok: Ohhhhhhh snap! I’m the body double right?Cool and I get to….

Erykah: Nay! don’t interrupt my energy flow on this lemme finish.
….so okay yeah I’m nekkid in the bathtub with Hershey’s syrup and
and some Pilsbury Cinnamon Roll icing, right?

Nayrok: Oh girl that icing is GOOD? Will we have some left over to bake?

Erykah: NAY! Don’t redirect the light I’m trying to radiate over here!
 Where was I? Ok…….And I, well, “you” (heh heh) gotta show your
cookies a couple times, while the Flaming Lips toss some Reynolds Wrap
in the air and beat on a squirrel pelt with an air compressor hose,

Nayrok: E this is that concept you came up with after you smoked that
bag of hydro from Azealia Banks the other day ain’t it? Girrrrrrrrrl
sis you are a genius!!!!!

Erykah: Yeah, the ancestors spoke to me through the herb. All praises
due to Lola Falana.

Nayrok: Ok girl I’m there! Thanks! Bye

Erykah: Namaste.

Commentary courtesy of SoulBounce’s own Contributing Editor Ms. Krista

For further commentary, visit SB where the rest of the SB crew has their say on this video